Moon Lake Investments Pty Ltd trading as VDL Farms formerly known as The Van Diemen’s Land Company (VDL) has been committed to quality land, dairy, and stock management practices for over 180 years.

Established in 1825, we are located in the picturesque northwest of Tasmania, and are one of Australia's oldest companies.

Today VDL Farms own and operate 25 dairy farms, a Dairy Support Unit and a standalone Heifer Rearing Operation.  Including replacements VDL currently runs approximately 30,000 dairy stock.  

Northwest Tasmania is ideally suited to dairy farming. Its temperate climate combines abundant and consistent rainfall with moderate temperatures year round.

Tasmania is also an island with a pristine natural environment, and a rigorous approach to food safety and product traceability.

Our historic Woolnorth Station is home to the Roaring 40's Woolnorth Wind Farm, and a disease-free refuge for Tasmania's endangered devil population.

As we move towards a greener future we are investing in pasture renewal and maintenance, renewable energy, and sustainable dairy farming and herd management.


Press Releases

The Van Diemen's Land Company

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Change of Company Secretary (PDF) 27 Jan 2011
John Andrews Resigns from VDL Board (PDF) 27 Jan 2011
Keith Sutton and Elaine Gill appointed to VDL Board (PDF) 14 Jan 2011
Dr Robin Pratt Resigns from VDL Board (PDF) 8 Dec 2010
Change of Company Secretary and Registered Office (PDF) 14 Oct 2010
Supplemental Charter Petition (PDF) 4 June 2010
Dr Robin Pratt Appointed to VDL Board (PDF) 26 May 2010
Michael Trousselot Resigns from VDL Board (PDF) 26 May 2010

Press Releases